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6 About Me:

haiii ^__^ im vio or vee!
19 it/bun/they prns <3
pan mexican enby (0218)
aquarius eng/spa OK!

6 I Like:

bx <333 kirby, sanrio, deco, pc collecting, soobin noises, yeonjuns aotm, my cats tofu & simba <333, wired headphones, music, and plushies!

6 My Links:

twitter pinterest carrd referral code carrd twt


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Q Before You Follow
3 this is my main/priv req ok when priv
3 self proclaimed cixpopper ://
3 i mainly tweet about cixtxt + hiyyih
3 i dont take kpop seriously unless its about my ults
3 i send dts to shitty people (never over kpop) /srs
Q Notes
3 sometimes i tweet in spanish
3 i also tweet about personal things lolz
3 i tweet about idols i loooove in spanish sometimes
3 i solo stan hiyyih btw
m Guidelines
4 you fit basic dfi criteria
4 stay/engene, dream stan, omg/woo!ahh supporter
4 you put kpop above ur morals
4 nsfw kpop stan kys btw
4 ship/sexualize txt in ANYWAY get a job pls
4 kep1ian/hierang hope all of u guys die btw
m Notes
4 pls dont follow if ur under 16 pls
4 idm if u listen to the groups mentioned above just dont defend their actions
4 i have personal hatred against groups who offended mexicans lol
P Love Zone
C my ults... bx yeonjun + soobin bahiyyih yoongi
C my semis... yonghee dahyun momo chaeryeong chaewon jiwon
P Music
s others... sio junhan gaon chuu sieun yoon wonyo rei doyum tsuki haruna jiung miso hwarang sunwoo
s my groups... nct dream weki meki fromis_9 purple kiss aespa izone ateez red velvet